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Digital Tools & Automations for Businesses in 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, businesses need the right tools to operate more efficiently and remain competitive. Here is a list of automations and digital tools that can enhance productivity, efficiency, and business growth in Greece in 2023:

1. Continuous Information Systems (CRM)
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools like SaveBox CRM are systems that help companies manage and analyze their interactions with customers.

Where they are needed and who they target:

  • Improve company sales and customer relations.
  • Assist in analyzing purchasing habits and creating personalized offers.
  • Aid in better understanding of the customers.
  • Enable personalized communication and targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Applicable to companies of all sizes and sectors.

2. Project Management Tools
Tools like Trello and Asana, or tools integrated into a company’s CRM, assist in organizing and managing tasks.

Where they are needed and who they target:

  • Useful in companies that require collaboration among employees.
  • Facilitate organization of both overall company tasks and individual departments or employees.
  • Allow remote coordination and monitoring of tasks without the need for direct communication.
  • Ensure smooth workflow and meeting deadlines.
  • Can be used in any company regardless of size or sector.

3. Billing Systems and Accounting Tools
Whether it’s a billing software (simple or ERP) or a cash register (simple or digital), these are essential for many areas of business as they help in the efficient management of finances and the flow of cash transactions.

4. Digital Marketing Tools
In the modern digital era, companies that ignore the power of digital marketing are clearly at a disadvantage. It’s rare to find businesses that won’t benefit from digital marketing tools.

Where they are needed and who they target:

  • Achieving Visibility: SEO tools help businesses rank higher in Google searches.
  • Social Presence: Social media management tools allow automation and analysis of activities on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Informing Customers: Email marketing tools enable the creation of campaigns, newsletters, and other activities aimed at communicating with customers.
  • Analytics & Stats: Through Google Analytics or other platforms, companies can track website visits, user behavior, and other vital metrics.
  • Advertisements: Tools like Google Ads or Meta Ads Manager help businesses create and manage digital ads, attracting new customers and boosting brand recognition.

5. Communication Automation Tools
At their simplest, communication automation tools manage calls through a call center and send out mass, yet personalized, emails.

Where they are needed and who they target:

  • Time-saving: Companies can automatically send out notifications without the need for continuous staff oversight.
  • Personalized Communication: Automation offers personalized content and messages based on user behavior and preferences (reminders for shopping carts, company news, preferred new products, etc.)

Technology offers small to medium-sized businesses the tools needed to grow and adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.

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