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📊 Enough with Excel! [How to Understand Your Customer Data!]

Enough with Excel, and especially with the notepad! Yes, I said it.

Sure, Excel is great and of course you won’t abandon it completely, but when it comes to managing your relationship with customers and the actions you take to approach them, rethink, find, and the rest, it takes an extra step!

Of course, there are those people who see a spreadsheet full of numbers and data and can draw a bunch of useful conclusions and charts, to see what they need to do to approach their audience and have growth and sales.

But let’s not kid ourselves, you, me, and the average person in business don’t see a page of data and say, “Oh nice, let me analyze it” or “Oh nice, let me advertise to that category of customer.” More likely, you’ll get a headache and reach for some pain relievers!

So, what does a business owner, who doesn’t have the time to extensively deal with customer data, do?

The typical type of business owner: “If you don’t record it, there’s no need to analyze it.” It sounds convenient and reassuring, but in this case, YOU LOSE CUSTOMERS AND OPPORTUNITIES. Trust me. Most professionals in this category write down some of the data or believe they will remember it.

Why do you lose customers and sales opportunities?

  • Because it’s easier to bring back a customer than to find a new one!
  • Because among all these seemingly insignificant customer data, opportunities emerge, through your creativity and experience.

They hire or collaborate with a data analyst.

There are also those who have finally realized that tools make our lives easier, have installed the SaveBox CRM, and enter their customer data.

What does the SaveBox CRM do?

  • Most importantly, it gathers all information about all customers in one place, organized.
  • It generates reports and understandable charts that help the company make decisions.
  • It helps you easily find similarities and understand the “categories” of your customers (the personas).

This way, decision-making becomes much easier! And it’s based on DATA, not on “feeling” or luck.

To not leave the future of your business to chance, call Advanced Business Systems ▶️ HERE ◀️ to implement the SaveBox CRM in your business!

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