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Why Does Your Computer Lags and How to Avoid It

A common phenomenon that makes even the simplest daily tasks at the office challenging is the slow response speed of your computer (i.e., it “lags”!). In this specific article, we present 7 reasons why your computer may experience delays and suggest a solution for each one.

  1. Clear temporary files
    Every computer has a specific capacity for temporary memory and tabs that it can keep open while remaining functional. Therefore, we recommend closing any tabs that you don’t need for your work.
  1. Uninstall or manage unnecessary programs
    Programs and applications can consume resources on your computer even if you don’t have their tabs open. Check the programs that you don’t need and either uninstall them, put them in a dormant state, or set them not to start automatically with your computer to conserve resources.
  1. Hardware upgrades
    We suggest upgrading your RAM or hard drive to improve your computer’s performance.
  1. Software updates
    It is also important to update your operating system and programs to enhance performance and security.
  1. Virus and malware prevention
    Another possible cause is the presence of viruses and malware. This can be resolved by using reliable antivirus software to detect and remove them.
  1. Check the hard disk status
    It is recommended to check the health of your computer’s hard disk and take actions such as removing old files or replacing it if necessary.
  1. Secure internet browsing
    Internet browsing, especially on unsafe websites, can introduce unwanted software to your computer. An indication that you are browsing a secure website is if the URL starts with “https” or if there is a lock icon displayed before the web address indicating it is “secure”.

These are 7 possible reasons why your computer may not be responding as quickly as you would like.

Try implementing these methods today to ensure the smooth operation of your company’s computers. If you’re unsure how to perform the above actions, contact Advanced Business Systems for more information.
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