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Web Development

We at Advanced Business Systems will build your website, we will prepare a competitive business plan for the digitization of your business, taking into account the highest standards, exploring the competing companies in your industry, creating a responsive layout (available on all digital devices), modern and a user-friendly website according to WC3 Standards. In addition, we will provide you with appropriate standard content for as many Websites as you need!
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Your website will fit the screen size of your visitors and all their devices. This way you will be able to retain and increase your visitors by offering them a friendly and relaxing navigation on your site!


With the technical support packages we provide services such as corrections or changes of content, upgrades of the plugins and the CMS that your website uses (if it is built on one). Backups and security services.


The graphic design of your page is the first approach to it. Color, images, logo, and text sharing on your web site are essential to a good web site.

Construction of E-Shop

Our goal in building an online store is primarily to increase the sales of the business. This can be achieved by designing a friendly and easy-to-use E-Shop for your customers, with ease of ordering and payment methods. Also a key element of a successful E-Shop is the advertising campaign that will accompany your online store so that you can have your store open to your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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The E-Shops we design are set up on the most popular platform for E-Shops. Magento is the number 1 choice of professionals for building E-Shops since the built-in tools for SEO optimization and connection to the interbank payment systems offer manufacturers and professionals a good and secure solution.

Automate your payments and shipments through the banks and companies of your choice. Offer your customers an easy and simple purchase process and how to send their purchases and make them come back!

The highest priority of the construction of your E-Shop is that your customers can easily find you. The above can be achieved in two main ways. Through paid advertising (SEM – Google Adwords) and SEO (Search EngineOptimization). Go to the services we offer for the Marketing of your E-Shop to learn more!

Advanced Business Systems is a company that deals professionally with the construction of a website and the development of web applications and pages and their Marketing, always adapted to the developments of modern technology. We approach each project as unique, but it all starts with one thing in common: we want to build a trusting business relationship with our customers and yours. In fact, every business project we undertake starts with an appetite for cooperation.
The construction of a website in our company emphasizes the promotion of a long-term relationship. This is why it is crucial to know literally everything: where you started from, and where you want to go, what your values ​​are, who your customers are and why they trust you. The only way to solve a problem is to understand it and process it from every possible angle.

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