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The series of Cloud VPS servers of our company provides you with autonomous virtual servers (Containers), running Linux or Windows in Dedicates Servers, our proprietary Data Center. Our Dedicated servers, constantly ensure for the proper management and allocation of the shared resources of the system (RAM, CPU, Storage) in each Cloud VPS, achieving their full potential on the basis of the modulated needs of each user.

The series is intended for all those who want (instead of want : need)  a server with root access, and their needs do not justify the commission of a Cloud Server with dedicated system resources. It is the most appropriate and cost-effective way for your entry in Cloud Computing, without compromising on functional specifications and user experience of your server. Our company can demonstrably provide unparalleled performance, guaranteed stability and uptime throughout the entire range of its services, using only Enterprise Class equipment of HP and Cisco with complete High Availability on all levels.