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We install the network directly in your space directly and reliably. Do you have more than 2 computers or do you plan to buy new computers for your company or home and want to communicate with each other? We have the solution.

We can set up computers for you to communicate with each other.
Depending on your needs we can make a topology for the network, where we will advise you on how to install it.

The needs of each company or home user vary where this means that before you call us it would be good to know exactly why you want to install a network.

Detailed network services:

Configuration – Server configuration.
Installing a new computer on the existing network.
Network security setting.
Creating shared folders.
User permissions.

There is also the possibility of connecting peripherals:

Network Printer: Set up and install a network printer so that everyone can print.
NAS Drive Installation: This drive allows us to have all our files in the cloud so you can access them wherever you are.