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We undertake the repair of desktops in your space immediately and guaranteed.

Regardless of where you buy we are able to provide a solution to any problem and if it is encountered on your desktop, with our high know-how we offer professional & quality service. At PC Security we repair your desktop computer consistently and reliably, knowing how important and integral it is now in your daily life, we take care of the immediate solution of the problem so that we can deliver your computer immediately without long delays.

Most of our repairs are solved within a few hours, of course there are cases where it may take more time to solve the problem and even there we will take immediate action to solve the problem. In desktop repair we use branded spare parts for the perfect operation of your computer.


Laptop repair is done directly at your place. Knowing that your laptop is an integral part of your work or your daily life, we undertake the service of your laptop immediately so that you have a laptop in your hands as when you bought it. The laptop is characterized by the flexibility that portability gives it, but it runs the risk of bumps, drops, contact with liquids, much more than a desktop computer. We undertake the repair for all laptop models. ASUS laptop service, Acer laptop service, Dell laptop service, HP laptop service, IBM laptop service, Lenovo laptop service, Toshiba laptop service, Samsung laptop service, Sony Vaio laptop service & Turbo X laptop service.

Genuine spare parts

So apart from the usual faults – overheating, slow speeds, it does not load or delay to load the operating system, it crashes during operation, etc. that we deal with and take care of dealing with, with the known speed and consistency, in addition we replace all parts of a laptop, such as: Screen, keyboard, plastic base and generally all plastic parts, bringing your device to its original state and saving you the money of replacement. In the repair of laptop we place only genuine spare parts as we provide a written guarantee.